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Choosing a celebrant for your wedding

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There are many celebrants in that are licensed to manage weddings and every day new ones are added. For people planning to get married, this is good news as it gives them a huge database to choose from. Then again with the huge database comes the responsibility to be able to choose correctly. It is your big day and you do not need anything that will take away from the happiness.

While there may be many wedding celebrants, the couple still has to choose just one to manage their wedding ceremony. The different celebrants are doing their best to get a fair share of the market. They will brandish testimonials and their huge portfolio of weddings that they have done before. For the couple this may not be all too important. They may be looking at the person in particular and thinking if they like them enough to want them at their wedding.  Sometimes they may put away all the talk about being in the business for so long and just go with their heart. That said, couples still have to take some things into consideration when choosing a celebrant for their wedding.


Celebrant association

For your own safety and the success of your marriage, it is better to use a celebrant that can prove that they are licensed and belong to a legally recognized celebrant association. A reputable and experienced celebrant can manage all the things. It is from decoration to selection of bridal dress, even if you are planning to buy designer wedding lehanga online. While this is no guarantee, it helps reassure you that you can expect ethical behavior from such persons. Celebrant associations have codes by which members are expected to abide failing which they may be stripped of their membership. This should at least be a deterrent for a celebrant to defraud their client.



A good celebrant should have a track record of celebrating weddings in such a way that past clients were happy to leave feedback. When hiring, ask for any past work the celebrant has done and any testimonials left behind by happy couples. The more feedback a celebrant has received the more likely that they could be a good choice for your wedding. The experience of a celebrant can checked at first stage when you ask him/her to buy wedding bridal lehanga online. If his/her taste is good and reviews of previous customers are satisfactory then you can hire their services.




A celebrant can have all the experience in the world and they may come highly recommended but if they are not free on the day you will like to get married, then you will not be able to use them. They said you should have an intended day for marriage and seek celebrants that are free to handle your ceremony on that day. While it is possible that celebrants can handle more than two weddings in a day at different time slots, if you can find one who will only attend to you, it would be better. This will help ensure that they don’t rush over the ceremony in a bid to meet up with their next appointment.