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Buy latest Bollywood style sarees online – parivarceremony

Parivarceremony - Buy exclusive Bollywood sarees online at amazing prices. We offer you a wide range of collection in Bollywood sarees in various textures, colour, fabric & more!

Parivar Ceremony

Buy designer suits, Indo western men online | Parivarceremony

Buy designer suits, Indo western men online | Parivarceremony

Parivarceremony - Shop for designer suits for men online.We bring you huge collection of designer suits with various colour, fabric, designs etc. for all your occasion.

Parivar Ceremony

Buy latest Bollywood style sarees online – parivarceremony

Buy latest Bollywood style sarees online – parivarceremony

Parivarceremony - Buy Bollywood sarees online at amazing prices. We offer you a wide range of collection in Bollywood sarees in various textures, colour, fabric & more!

Parivar Ceremony

3 Tips to Hire a Professional for a flawless wedding experience

3 min read

Selecting a professional marriage planner shows you are hiring the person to take care of the creative aspects of your wedding. You may not be expert in design, so doing things on your own could result in a wedding that appears too simple or unattractive. Even if you have a skill on these things, you may not be able to enjoy your wedding at full zeal as you would be busy talking with vendors.

With the right and experienced professional marriage planner, you can stay peaceful knowing that he is taking care of all things within the given budget. Hence, you are advised to hire the best wedding consultant for your marriage.

Check out references

First of all, you have to consider the references and testimonials and pick one up from these. A reputed wedding coordinator will have a website where you may find testimonials listed. You may find a phone number, email address or other contact information from those testimonials.

Use the address to contact the person and ask him what their experience was with the particular wedding consultant. You can choose a professional wedding consultant based on more references by discussing on any reputed wedding forums.

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Free consultation

If you are able to gather wedding consultants based on referrals, you can move to choose a professional and reputed wedding consultant from the bunch. For this, you can go for free consultation session offered by professional planners. If you will hire a professional he/she will guide you right from beginning. You can discuss with him/her and accordingly buy wedding bridal lehanga online, because it is very important for your special day. When you are planning to buy buy wedding bridal lehanga online, you can discuss with your planner (about color, material) so that he/she can adjust other theme, venue accordingly.

Free consultation session will facilitate you to meet the planner personally and see what exactly they have to offer. Avoid planners that don’t offer free consultation because you could be taking a risk by choosing them. Free consultation help you know what to expect from the planner, upfront.

Check out service history

Before you choose particular planner, check how much experienced and successful he is in the field. Planner who can afford more advanced websites and other types of advertising are more successful than persons with simple ads. Check if the planner has own office with staffs because this also indicates his success level.

This does mean that you should avoid the person with little success history. Not-so successful planners generally offset things by offering low-cost prices, free consultations and other elements that could draw clients.

There are hundreds and thousands of wedding consultants to choose from. With many choices, choosing the right one is a difficult task. You will want to consider and compare available options. This will help you pick up the best possible planner who meets your preferences and budget.


Look for word of mouth advertisements and consider genuine customer reviews before you take final decision. Relevant customer reviews will help you gather a fair idea about the kind of services offered by particular planners. 

Parivar Ceremony

Buy latest designs Salwar Kameez online in India

Buy designer Salwar Kameez online of latest designs and patterns in India. We at Parivar Ceremony feature trending Salwar Kameez designed by top designers.

Parivar Ceremony

Get the Right Size Women Clothing

3 min read

Once it comes to buying gifts for women, some people are automatically thinking about dresses as what woman doesn’t like to get something new to dress? Though, the only difficulty with buying women clothing is that even if you identify their tastes it can be somewhat harder to check out what their exact size is. It is as clothing of women normally fluctuates in size and what one female may wear at one shop cannot be the same size at any other store.

So, there are many people that shy away from startling those they like with clothing presents. Though, if you are dead set on buying a new shirt, winter coat, or something that you recognize that they will wish there are methods to get around the troubles of women’s sizes to make it feasible to get the perfect fit in the perfect style.

The initial step is making a decision on what trend and style will best match the woman you have decided which is enough simple to understand if you just focus to what they prefer to wear on a daily basis. Though, the best rule is to keep in mind to buy somewhat that they would love, not what you like as generally this is the first fault that people make when buying clothing as presents.

Once you select a style your next step is selecting the right size, it doesn’t matter you are purchasing a jean or planning to Buy salwar kameez online. If you are buying a gift for your girlfriend, wife, or someone else the simplest way to get a jump start on their exact size is by heading to their cabinet. While most of the times it is not good to watch, in this particular case your job is to search an item they previously own that is equal to the section of women’s clothing that you have decided for their gift.

While checking the size is a wonderful starting point, if you recognize where you are buying the item from you may even need to look for some dressing from that specific brand thus you have a perfect base for selecting their size. Even focus to the look of the fit as it will assist you if you get trapped between two different sizes as you can utilize what you saw as a basis for selecting the best fit the first time.


In case checking their closet is not a good option, you may need to think about calling someone who lives with them such as their spouse or roommate if you are a parent buying fashionable women’s clothing as a present for a young daughter. Once you know the size you can Buy salwar kameez online or buy pair of jean as per your choice. You just need to confirm that they don’t let out your top secret! The simple fact is that if you wish to pledge your gift will effectively fit then you must focus to the source, their individual collection of dresses as then you know you are choosing wisely.

Parivar Ceremony

Choosing a celebrant for your wedding

3 min read

There are many celebrants in that are licensed to manage weddings and every day new ones are added. For people planning to get married, this is good news as it gives them a huge database to choose from. Then again with the huge database comes the responsibility to be able to choose correctly. It is your big day and you do not need anything that will take away from the happiness.

While there may be many wedding celebrants, the couple still has to choose just one to manage their wedding ceremony. The different celebrants are doing their best to get a fair share of the market. They will brandish testimonials and their huge portfolio of weddings that they have done before. For the couple this may not be all too important. They may be looking at the person in particular and thinking if they like them enough to want them at their wedding.  Sometimes they may put away all the talk about being in the business for so long and just go with their heart. That said, couples still have to take some things into consideration when choosing a celebrant for their wedding.


Celebrant association

For your own safety and the success of your marriage, it is better to use a celebrant that can prove that they are licensed and belong to a legally recognized celebrant association. A reputable and experienced celebrant can manage all the things. It is from decoration to selection of bridal dress, even if you are planning to buy designer wedding lehanga online. While this is no guarantee, it helps reassure you that you can expect ethical behavior from such persons. Celebrant associations have codes by which members are expected to abide failing which they may be stripped of their membership. This should at least be a deterrent for a celebrant to defraud their client.



A good celebrant should have a track record of celebrating weddings in such a way that past clients were happy to leave feedback. When hiring, ask for any past work the celebrant has done and any testimonials left behind by happy couples. The more feedback a celebrant has received the more likely that they could be a good choice for your wedding. The experience of a celebrant can checked at first stage when you ask him/her to buy wedding bridal lehanga online. If his/her taste is good and reviews of previous customers are satisfactory then you can hire their services.




A celebrant can have all the experience in the world and they may come highly recommended but if they are not free on the day you will like to get married, then you will not be able to use them. They said you should have an intended day for marriage and seek celebrants that are free to handle your ceremony on that day. While it is possible that celebrants can handle more than two weddings in a day at different time slots, if you can find one who will only attend to you, it would be better. This will help ensure that they don’t rush over the ceremony in a bid to meet up with their next appointment.

Parivar Ceremony

Buy designer suits for men online at low price in India

Buy designer suits for men online at low price from a huge collection of men’s ethnic wear collection. Get latest patterns created by top designers in industry.

Parivar Ceremony

Buy designer Kurta Pyjama online with latest design in India

Buy designer Kurta Pyjama online for men at low price in India. Shop for latest patterns of silk and cotton kurta pajamas created by award winning designers.

Parivar Ceremony

Tips On Spending Time With The Kids

3 min read

You are a busy professional; you are always away from home. You find it hard to spend time with the kids. Now that you have found a bit of time, it will be a good idea to spend a whole day getting close to the kids. While your work may be important to keep food on the table, family is gold and is all you may have after work is gone. That is why you should cherish every moment you spend with the kids and make sure it is as fulfilling as it can be.

 If you are hoping to have special time with your kids and looking for ideas on what to do, you do not need to look further. We have put together some interesting ideas on how to spend time with your kids. These include, visiting an amusement park, visiting the zoo, organizing a picnic or just staying at home.


Visit an amusement park

It is not a mistake that these parks are referred to as amusement parks. It is a great way to help children have fun. Fortunately, even you the adults will be able to catch some fun. The different amusement options like carnival rides and thrill rides. It is very important to wear comfortable clothing when going out for fun; you can buy indian kurties to look beautiful and attractive. You and the kids should be worn out (in a positive way) by the day is over. It is suggested to you that buy indian kurties because these are comfortable and elegant. With the help of these kurties you will look beautiful and enjoy each and every moments with any difficulty.

you can buy indian kurties to look beautiful and attractive

Visit the zoo

The zoo is a very interesting place to visit with children. Children do not only get p play with the animals, they also get to lean about the different animals. It is a great way for children to learn and play at the same time. As part of the zoo day, arrange a family lunch at your favorite restaurant that allows kids. Before you go to the zoo, intrigue the children by getting them to tell you what they know about certain animals. This may be a way to prepare them for what is to come.

Arrange a picnic

You possibly not the only parent amongst your friends, who is away so much, when you want to have a fun day with the kids, why not include your friends and their kids. In that way the kids will have fun while the parents try and catch up with each other. For a successful picnic, you will have to start arrangements early so that all those you will like to see on the day of the picnic can create time to be there.

Stay at home

When you have been so busy you have not been able to be there for the kids, a good way to make up is to find a day when you just stay to home. On this day, you will do your best to keep all the distractions out of the way while the focus will be the kids.

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